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One of the toughest exams-China's gaokao

One of the toughest exams-China's gaokao

The gruelling annual college entrance examination referred to as the "gaokao" isn't a standard test. it's notorious for being one among the toughest exams within the world.

                       It is China's version of the American SAT and therefore the Indian IIT-JEE. In mandarin, "gaokao" translates into "high exam" - it's a title the annual test certainly lives up to!
Gaokao are some things Chinese students spend 12 years preparing. it's the lone criterion for admission into Chinese universities. It lasts for 10 hours cover two days of incredibly complex questions.

"Excitement is that the only word to explain my feeling now. I even have raised my child for 18 years, and now he's facing the most important test in his life, I can only expect him to try to to well within the exams," a parent of a student said.
Contrary to the thrill of the oldsters , the exam is baptism by fire for the Chinese students. China features a history of pushing students to the sting . In 2012 shocking images had emerged of scholars taking intravenous injections while studying for the exam. In 2014, a poor gaokao score pushed an 18-year old to the sting as he took his own life when the result came out.

While the exams could also be tough but gaokao's standing within the list of the world's toughest exams must be examined.

India has the IIT-JEE - a veritable nightmare for engineering hopefuls as over half 1,000,000 students take the exam per annum with only a couple of thousand making the cut.

The IIT-JEE could also be tough but India's CA is another hard nut to crack. A three-level examination conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India during which lakhs of scholars appear with but 8 per cent students who ultimately clear the three levels.

Now, who would have thought gathering is that the toughest test within the world! The master sommelier diploma exam beats all others. it had been introduced 40 years back within the uk and as of today, only 200 candidates are said to possess passed it.

Any exam is the maximum amount a test of the topic as a test of nerves. An exam within the middle of a deadly pandemic, even more so while the Chinese government has much to account , here's wishing the scholars taking gaokao much success.

Importance of the University Entrance Exam

                                  The gaokao is China’s grueling, ultra-competitive university entrance examination . Somewhat almost like the American SAT, except that it lasts quite twice as long, the nine-hour test is obtainable just one occasion a year and is that the sole determinant for admission to virtually all Chinese colleges and universities. [Source: Sharon Lafraniere, ny Times, June 13, 2009]

 The gao kao (pronounced gow kow) roughly translated means “the high test. it's a national obsession that is still the maximum amount a neighborhood of Chinese life as dumplings and chopsticks. Mei Fong wrote within the l. a. Times, the gaogao is “a test so important that construction work is stopped, traffic diverted and fogeys take work leave to coddle or bully their kids through the ordeal. (Some parents have even been known to place their daughters on contraception pills in order that they won't be distracted with menstrual cramps during the test.)One Chinese saying compares the exam to a stampede of thousand soldiers and 10 horses across one log bridge. [Source: Mei Fong, l. a. Times, April 26, 2012]

 Taken at the top of highschool , the gaokao is given over a 3 day period across the country in July. It emphasizes math and science but also measure knowledge of written Chinese, English and Marxist thought. English section requires students to write down a composition in Chinese. A national university entrance examination existed within the Maoist era. it had been abandoned during the Cultural Revolution when schools were closed and students attacked their teachers and professors. The National College entrance examination was reinstated in 1977 under Deng Xiaoping . In 1977 only 230,000 students passed out of 5.7 million that took it. The National College entrance examination is credited with helping China advance after the Cultural Revolution and providing a backbone for today’s rapid climb . But at an equivalent time many think the stress on the exam burdens students unnecessarily and stifles creativity, leadership and therefore the ability to adapt to changing market places.

High school students have traditionally selected both the schools they need to attend and therefore the major they need . The score they have to realize entrance to a university depends on the main they need . Students often have little knowledge about their majors once they select them. There are cutoff scores for top-tier universities and second-tier ones. The cutoff marks can vary by an applicant’s place of residence and ethnicity.

 A report by Xinhua, the state press agency , said that of the 9.15 million students who took the gaokao in 2012 this year, about 75 percent would be admitted to universities in China . Once the scholars get their scores, they undergo education officials an inventory of universities, ranking them so as of choice. Administrators at the schools then check out the students’ scores and choose whether to admit them for the approaching September. [New York Times]

 quite 10 million Chinese students took it 2010, about twice as many as in 2002. About three in five students pass it. Nine and a half million students took it in 2010, the drop off is thanks to demographic changes resulting from the one-child policy. About half the scholars that take the exam pass it. within the 1970s, only 3 percent of these who took it were accepted at universities. within the 1980s, about one in ten passed. within the early 1990s a few forth passed it.

In a society where many of us see connections as crucial to getting ahead, the doorway exam is defended as meritocratic, giving everybody an opportunity of attending university. Explaining why the gaokao remains central to the school admissions process, the journalist Wang Hao told The New Yorker , “My parents’ generation, which went through the Cultural Revolution , will tell you that the test is that the only thanks to keep it fair...Otherwise, all of the great schools would be filled entirely by people with connections.”

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