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How to Apply for Jobs Abroad 2021-22 Through ProIndiansJob

 How to Apply for Jobs Abroad 2021-22 Through ProIndiansJob

Searching for and applying to jobs abroad can be an intimidating task. Here are 4 useful steps to follow in order to work abroad.

Moving abroad is a dream for many, but unless you have budgeted and saved enough to support yourself during your stay - you're going to have to find some way to work abroad to make it happen, which is no small task. On top of the usual stress that comes with searching for work and standing out amongst the masses, you'll also have to go through a visa process to work in another country legally.

The good news is - it's all worth it.

The new and deeper understanding you'll receive from becoming a part of an overseas workforce is like no other travel experience you've had before. It gives you the chance to form long-lasting relationships with people from other countries, see how the rest of the world operates, and learn things that you normally would not in your own country. You might find a better way of doing things while working abroad that could transform your career, but at the least, you'll gain unique experience and an expanded perspective. Working in another country, rather than just visiting it, allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and have a deeper and more fulfilling experience.

Are you ready to work abroad? We’re here to show you how to apply for jobs overseas.

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Step 1: Find a position Abroad

The first and likely most daunting task in applying for jobs abroad is reviewing international job boards and finding a position that you can apply for in the country or countries where you desire to work abroad. This step can be confusing since there is no clear-cut model to finding work abroad, but resources like the Go Overseas Job Board can help you review open positions that are recruiting internationally.


Networking is an essential skill set to finding a job in nearly every situation. These days networking is both done the old fashion way - through word of mouth, friends, and parties - as well as online. You can often find communities of digital nomads and international job seekers, as well as companies looking to hire them, through groups on social media sites like LinkedIn. Finding online groups with similar career interests is a fantastic place to start making contacts internationally and may even land you your first overseas job in 2021-22.

Create a profile that stands out, including your passions, experiences, and goals. Once your details are live, you never know who will find you. But don't just sit back and watch - be proactive. Ask people who hire on behalf of prospective companies abroad to connect. May be even send them a message seeking advice. Look at job listings every day based on your preferences. Also, remain active in these Linkedin and Facebook groups and engage with content people post that is of interest to you. It's not uncommon for companies to post jobs in these groups to subvert paying recruiting firms. Apply for every job that seems of interest to you, even if it's a longshot positions.

If you graduated from university, use your alumni association to create contacts. See what the rest of your fellow alums are doing, and reach out to those living in countries where you'd be interested in working. Alumni events can also be a valuable way to grow your list of professional contacts. Go to as many events as possible for people in your field. When you find people with international work experience, pick at their brain and form a relationship. You never know where one chat will lead you.

Apply to Overseas Jobs In-Person

This option is risky, but it will definitely prove your determination. Basically, show up in a country and start applying in-person or setting up interviews while you're there. Though the internet is a fantastic source, nothing compares to being in a place and meeting people.

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