CSC HEALTH SERVICES Best Madical Service on Digital Seva

CSC HEALTH SERVICES Best Madical Service on Digital Seva

                    CSC Health Services serve thousands of people from their 
earliest years to retirement. Our mission is to help rural masses live healthier
 lives and make the health system work better and the vision is to play our best
 part in creating a more sustainable health care system: one that works for the
 betterment for everyone.Advanced technologies, breakthrough treatments and
 consumer choice are redefining what can be achieved. 

                         CSC is working to create a system that is connected, aligned and more affordable for all. We are also partnering with care providers, collaborating in new ways to improve patient careCSC SPV started health services with a vision to provide affordable and timely  healthcare access to rural India. To achieve its vision CSC SPV has came up with
 an inventive approach of establishing holistic health care centres, which not only
 provide tele-consultation to the patients walking in to the VLE centre but also
 provide basic diagnostic services along with the access of affordable generic 
medicines through Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra under Pradhan Mantra 
Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojna- PMBJP. CSC SPV VLEs act as a catalyst for
 providing all these solutions under one umbrella.

                     CSC Healthcare Services  endeavours to provide quality healthcare 
solutions like tele-medicine, diagnostic  services and generic medicine services to 
the masses in rural and remote  areas of the country, through the vast network of
 CSCs.In a developing country  such as India, there is huge inequality in health-care distribution. Although nearly 75% of Indians live in rural villages, more than 75% of
 Indian doctors  are based in cities.

                                                                          Most of the rural Indians lack access to basic 
health care facilities. The Indian government spends just 4.7% of the country's annual 
gross domestic product on health, and little of this spending reaches remote
 rural areas. The poor infrastructure of rural health centers makes it impossible
 to retain doctors in villages, who feel that they become professionally isolated
 and outdated if stationed in remote areas.

                                                                             In addition, poor Indian villagers 
spend most of their out-of-pocket health expenses on travel to the specialty 
hospitals in the city and for staying in the city along with their escorts. A recent
 study conducted found that 89% of rural Indian patients have to travel about 8
 km to access basic medical treatment, and the rest have to travel even farther.


                                                     since 2014 has its footprints in providing healthcare services primarily to rural regions. Elements which are germane to healthcare service provided by CSC:Its purpose is to provide clinical support for non-emergency health conditions.It is intended to overcome geographical barriers, connecting users who are not in the same physical location.It involves the use of various types of ICT in the delivery of healthcare services to the remotest corner of the country.To complement & strengthen the existing healthcare infrastructure.To provide cost efficient and quality health services to un-served and under-served areas at affordable prices.To promote rural entrepreneurship, enable community participation and effect action for social improvement.



                                                                             As defined by WHO “The delivery of health care services, where distance is a critical factor, by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of health care providers, all in the interests of advancing the health of individuals and their communities”Telemedicine is the form of primary care, where the patient walking in at a CSC seeks the doctor's advice about non-emergency medical problems which don't require immediate doctor’s location visit.

                                                      It doesn't replace face-to-face consultation when it is needed, but complements it. CSC-SPV has provided VLEs an access to two platforms which are integrated on Digital Seva for providing tele-consultation services to rural masses through which a patient can take consultations in any of the following specialties Allopathy Homeopathy Ayurveda Veterinary.


                                                          diagnostic test is an examination to identify an individual's specific areas of weakness and strength in order determine a condition, disease or illness.CSC is currently providing 2 types of diagnostic services at selected CSCs-Invasive diagnostic testsNon- invasive diagnostic testsTESTS AVAILABLE Blood pressure Blood sugar Hemoglobin Pulse oximetry Body temperature Pregnancy Malaria Hepatitis HIV Syphilis Typhoid Dengue Heart rate chikungunya

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